e-Municipalities for Urban Local Bodies Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) of India are the constitutionally provided administrative units that provide basic infrastructure and services in cities and towns. The ULBs are responsible for providing all the civic services and amenities to the citizens.

ULBS are categorized as: Municipal Corporations constituted in cities, Municipal Committees/Councils/Boards in towns and Cantonment Boards in designated military cantonment areas. There are more than 3000 ULBs in the country as per census of India. With the focus of the government on providing electronically enabled services to the citizen, the ULBs need to gear themselves up for meeting these requirements by adopting appropriate e-governance strategies. The e-municipalities project initiated by NIC (SDU) Pune is aimed at implementing e-Governance in the ULBs.

e-Municipality Suite of packages: The e-Municipality suite of packages is designed to cater to all the functional areas of the ULB. The applications are web enabled and can be implemented as per the requirement of the ULB. All the applications are hosted at NDC Pune. The following modules are present for the different functional areas of ULB. 1) Online Birth & Death Registration. 2) Online Building Permission. 3) Property tax Billing. 4) Accrual Based accounting system. 5) Advertisement & Hoarding Management. 6) Public Grievances & Complaints Monitoring. 7) Inward outward. 8) Water Billing. 9) Utility Billing. 10) Establishment. 11) Provident Fund.

The various modules are designed with a generic orientation so as to make it possible to easily replicate a ULB implementation. The user may select the modules required as per its need & priority. There is no licensing cost involved for the end user as open source database (Postgre SQL) is used at the backend while Front end uses .net / Java . The project is currently under implementation in the States of Jammu & Kashmir, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Dadra & Nagar Haveli UT & Cantonment boards under Southern Command Army HQ. The total Number of ULBs covered is 123.